Album Release

Various Situations Volume 1 is out now! It took longer than expected, but I hope the extra labor and time that were put in shows. 

Various Situations: Volume 1 is available on my bandcamp featuring three of my groups on a single album. 

The bands are: End of Echoes (alt pop), Storm of Existence (psychedelic sufi rock), and Gabriel Marin's Social Assassins (instrumental progressive rock).

Coming to iTunes and Spotify soon. You can also order hard copies through bandcamp, which will be shipped early in the new year. So excited to share this new music, hope you enjoy it!

In the mean time follow my facebook and instagram for real time updates.

First Single Release From New Album

Guitarist Gabriel Marin has spent more than a decade pushing musical boundaries with fusion trio Consider the Source, who’ve developed a worldwide following by blending Indian and Middle Eastern elements with psychedelic cyber-metal. Using an array of guitar synths, a fretless doubleneck guitar,and a plethora of acoustic instruments from around the world, he has expanded the definition of what a guitarist can be in the twenty-first century. Now, with the release of his solo debut, Various Situations, Vol. 1, he’s taken that relentless experimentation to the next level.

    The album is split between three projects, each wildly different from the others. It also features his custom Vigier doubleneck, outfitted with prototype VO-96 pickups that allow for a dizzying range of sonic possibilities. At the core, though, is Marin’s playing: dazzling yet soulful, chaotic yet controlled, his music manages to remain steeped in tradition while sounding like it’s been sent back in time from some future utopia. Check out the video for “Firehose of Falsehood” the first single from Various Situations, Vol. 1

New Album Release Next Month


Various Situations Volume 1 is Gabriel Marin's next release due out in July. This album contains songs from three separate projects of varied styles to give the listener the feeling of listener to a mixtape or playlist. More details will be posted as the release gets closer. Check back here or on any of the various pages linked on the contact page for more information.