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Multi-instrumentalist Gabriel Marin “boasts insane chops, impeccable time, mastery of diverse traditional scales, rare fretless guitar fluency, and a gift for manipulating effects,” (Premier Guitar Magazine). Called “the guiding light for his generation of six-stringers” by The Buffalo Times, He is "A fretless guitar virtuoso whose microtonal adventures rival those of many eastern musicians, and a talent for rhythm and nuttiness" (Bass Musician Magazine). "Master of the Dutar" (NPR, New Sounds).

Gabriel has studied and performed music from North and South India, Iran, the Balkans, Turkey and Central Asia, as well as western classical music and avant-garde jazz. As one of the few players to explore the fretless guitar and MIDI guitar, he has found a truly unique and expressive voice. In addition to this his exploration and layering of a vast array of effects contributes to his distinct sound. He is a founding member of internationally renowned fusion band Consider the Source. In addition to Guitar, Gabriel is versed in Dutar, Dombra, Tanbour, Balta Saz, and Kamancha.
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