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Multi-instrumentalist. Composer. Instructor.
Praise For Ruminate

3 months on Transglobal WorldMusic Charts

4stars "Densely textured but full of space, this album rewards listening." -Songlines

" Listeners will be struck by the seemingly endless layers of melodic nuance while simultaneously lost in musical thought from hypnotic Sufi-inspired rhythms." -The Attic

 "flourishing and virtuoso styled improvisations"  -Everything Is Noise

"Master of the Dutar...amazing imitation of the Duduk" -NPR New Sounds

"The inventiveness, subtlety and at times the driving energy of Marin's playing makes the whole thing work"  -RootsWorld

Debut Solo Album

Click here to check out Ruminate: Improvisations for Fretless Guitar and Dutar, out now on Worlds within Worlds Records.

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